September 16, 2017 2:32 pm

Image: Start Cameroon in a Press Conference

This is possible only if the strategy set forth by Start Cameroon in a project presented to media men this Sept 16, 2017 in Yaounde is implemented.

Electoral fraud and bottlenecks will soon be an issue of the pass, a program software designed by Cameroonians seeks to give results of the 2018 elections in Cameroon some few hours after the close of polling stations.

The project which was presented this Saturday to the media in a press conference organized at the MUNA Foundation in Yaounde was on the initiative of some young Cameroonians grouped in an organization known as Start Cameroon.

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Cameroon News Today-CNT learned that the Start Cameroon project known as the 2018 Citizen Action Projects ( CAP18) seeks to insist on transparency during the upcoming elections   “elections in Cameroon are proclaimed several days after the actual vote, based on an antiquated legal framework. The results of the 2011 results for example were proclaimed 12 days after the vote(9/12 October 2011) that’s completely wrong” argued Bertrand Ensah Secretary General of the organisation.

Their project CAP18 definitely seeks to address all electoral concerns in the country by restoring credibility and voters confidence “ by enhancing transparency via the publication of real-time information on the vote tally via digital media”

While presenting the project in the exchange, Harry Kamdem Project Manager and President of Start Cameroon revealed how the entire process works. “technically observers are on the field on elections day, all the data in varied polling stations are sent to a server which produces the results instantly”.



The project which is secured, transparent and reliable is in accordance with all Cameroonian laws, credible and impartial in both its technical and organizational components and safe from tampering and any partisan influence.

The project CAP18 which was presented to the representative of the Divisional Officer of Yaounde 4 officials of  Elections Cameroon(ELECAM) those of ANTIC is seeking for finances and support both from these bodies  government.

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