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Kobe Williams is a young artist from the South West region of Cameroon that does mind blowing drawings. His works are full of inspiration and clearly portray the love and passion he has for painting. He lives in Douala where his is carrying on his teaching profession in a private school called Sophia.

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Painting is and has always been his passion. “Painting is a life activity for me. It’s my passion. I started painting a long time ago. I was still a kid I can’t recall at what age exactly. I became doing professional painting 5 or 6 years ago.”

What initially attracted the CNT journalist attention on him are his chalk drawings. But getting to discuss with him the journalist realized that his art drawings were not solely limited to that of the chalk. “I started chalk art in September 21, 2016. My teaching activity inspired me to explore the world of chalk drawing.

I wanted to associate teaching and drawing. There was no special motivation behind this except the quest for new painting adventures.  I realized that the outcome of this new horizon was good.”

He mostly does chalk arts for entertainment. Presently he is working on a way to conserve chalk drawings. It’s something quite difficult to do because calk drawings can easily be wiped out. “They are many artists in Europe painting with chalk. I’m not the only one. I want to bring something new in the field by doing something never thought of in this domain. That is the conservation of chalk art. I can’t reveal this technique on the spot because it’s still a secret that will be exposed to the public during my exposition that will take place next year. This is will be grand premier.”

The young artist has a lot of projects with chalk but nevertheless he does not only limit his painting to chalk drawing. “I’m coming up with a 3D project. I’m presently organizing an event to launch this project. I will make the tour of the Cameroon towns to present this and Douala will be my first destination. I will present the 3D drawings in the streets in order for the public to witness my drawing life.”

Also, he goes above the paintings and drawings to transmit a number of feelings “Through my paintings I want to transmit the love and passion I have for arts. I want to encourage youths to follow up with their dreams and never give up.

Many people encourage me in my work because it’s not easy to follow the way of the artist and make a living out of it. I’m the only artist in my family so one can imagine how hard it was for me to be understood because my way of visualizing things differed from others.”

Kobe Williams has a lot to show through his paintings. The world is a platform of creativity for him and it’s not enough to contain his talent. He is young, dynamic and yet to show the best of him.

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