November 27, 2017 10:04 am

Image: Sample Image of a demonstration

The call was made over the weekend by a series of leaders grouped in Bamenda in view of seeking solutions to the ongoing anglophone crisis. 

In a press release sanctioning discussions, John Fru Ndi, Simon Munzu, Felix Abgor, Prince Ekosso and Ndi christine call on governmen ” to facilitate the return of all refugees resulting from the current crisis, to declare a general amnesty in order to facilitate the return to Cameroon of all persons forced into exile”

Exiled leaders of the anglophone problem are spread worldwide with their actions and initiatives considered by Government as damaging threat to the territorial integrity of Cameroon.

Varied political analyst believe that granting a general amnesty to those who were involved in one way or the other in the esclation of the crisis be it abroad or at home will be a great step forward towards resolving permanently the anglophone crisis.

Among other request, these leaders call for the restoration of internet perturbed since last Sept 27, 2017.

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