December 1, 2017 6:14 pm

Image: MTN Cameroon

The Telecommunications Regulatory Board has decided to sanction MTN Cameroon FCA3.5 Billion and deduct one year from their 15 years Licence.

According to Business In Cameroon, MTN Cameroon was found guilty of failing to respect Mobile phone identification procedures.

In a report revealed last September 30, 2017, we are informed that the Cameroonian branch of the South-African telecommunication group, MTN was charged a 6.6 million dollars (around FCFA3.5 billion) penalty.

The Telecommunication Regulatory Agency (ART) also reduced to 14 years the Licence granted last March 2015 to the mobile guru MTN Cameroon.

The regulatory board also accused MTN of not respecting rules governing the identification of mobile phone subscribers as prescribed by Philemon Yang last September 3, 2015.

In an outing from an official of MTN Cameroon we learn that “the government was not willing to comment on the sanction they inflicted. But all what we have to say is written in the group’s activity report.”

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