December 7, 2017 11:10 am

Image: Shadeck Hans Peter

The European Union has described the recent killings of state security officials in the Anglophone regions as unacceptable.

Hans Peter Shadeck Head of the European Delegation to Cameroon was making the statement yesterday December 6, 2017 at the end of an audience granted him by the Senate President Marcel Niat Njifenji.

It was an opportunity for both men to discuss the nature of cooperation between Cameroon and the European Union.

Discussions also centered on the recent killings in the Anglophone regions of State Security officials; a phenomenon described by Shadeck as “unacceptable”.

In an interview granted CRTV, Shadeck said “I was very pleased to meet today with the President of the Senate. It was an opportunity to present myself officially to him as head of the EU delegation to Cameroon… we also discussed the prevailing situation in the Anglophone regions and terrorism with the Boko Haram phenomenon. I expressed my condolences to families of police officers killed in the North West and South West regions. It an opportunity for me to condemn these killings, impunity cannot prevail”.

It’s worth noting that Issa Tchiroma Bakary Government’s spokesman had in a Facebook post last November 30, 2017 revealed that a total of eight gendarmes had been killed by secessionist in the Anglophone regions.

An intriguing statistic which pushed the Head of State, President Paul Biya to react adequately by officially declaring war to the said terrorists in the Anglophone regions.

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