December 14, 2017 12:10 pm

Image: Cocoa Farmer

The Cameroonian Cocoa has been tagged by buyers and manufacturers gathered in Britain as one which smells and is of poor quality.  

Last December 12, 2017, the London Cocoa market was not favourable for Cameroon. Transformers and chocolate makers barely bothered to sign cocoa purchasing contracts with Cameroonian Cocoa producers.

Quoting a source, the Reuters news agency, reveals that the slow deal rate was due to the fact that “cocoa manufacturers and buyers are scared to receive rough quality beans, from Cameroon”.

According to Business in Cameroon, a number of factors were arguably supposed to favour Cameroonian Cocoa Sellers present in London; December 12 was the dateline for contracts to be signed and Cameroonian Cocoa producers offered incredible price discounts.

Unfortunately “it’s cheap but no one wants it” concludes the source quoted by Reuters.

Cameroonian Cocoa because of its poor quality and smoke sent is not at all demanded by cocoa manufactures or buyers as compared to the one produced in Ivory Coast or Ghana.

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