Saturday February 10th, 2018 8:55 am

Image: Footage of the fire incident

Inhabitants of Bonanjo in Douala, have experienced a fire incident, which partly damaged a building of that locality.

On Tuesday 8 February, in the afternoon, a sudden outbreak of fire was noticed on a structure in Bonanjo, popularly known in French as ‘’Recette de Finance’’.

Electric cables could be seen giving off sparks and flames accompanied by thick smoke could be perceived as well. This is what attracted onlookers of that vicinity, who contacted fire fighters.

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The fire fighting unit got to the scene and started to battle against the flames.

Workers of the institution stood watching with much shock and hoping it did not extend right into the interior of the structure. ‘’I hope it has not touched the server’’ a lady witnessing the tragedy commented to Cameroon News Today-CNT.

The flames were so wild that the number of fire fighters had to be increased. With a bigger team now present, the fire was finally quenched.

Jean Marie Tchakui, the DO of the Douala 1 council disclosed that, the fire started from an ENEO transformer, as a result of return of power after an outage.

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