December 18, 2017 5:59 pm


Adrien Assembe alias Linage is a young musician from the west who is and has always been eager to share his passion with the world. Initially, he did not aspire to be become a musician but destiny caught up with him and he could not help but drown into his God given talent.

As mentioned earlier singing was not in his mind from the start although, he was surrounded by talented singers. “They are many artists in my family. My cousins sing better than me and my grandparents too sing. So, I can go to the extent of saying that I’m lucky because I did not expect to be a singer. Initially it wasn’t part of my ambitions. It was more of school but later on the passion for music came in.”

Fortunately for him he discovered his talent at a tender age and worked on ameliorating himself to become the best. “I’ve always loved music though I didn’t expect to become a musician. All began in form 4. I was in a group of rappers with four friends and later on I realized that I had a nice voice and started working on that. From then I started falling in love with music and this gave birth to my passion. I started singing from then on and I make a living out of it.”

He came out with his first album in 2004 and is in the process of coming out with another one.  “I wrote my first song at 15years and my first album was with the group legend in Limbe. I’m coming up with an album featuring Dynasty. It will consist of eight songs. I’m already done writing the eight titles. Presently, the technician is working on them. In this album I’m mostly singing of love, peace and of my life experiences.”

His artist name is “Linage” and he decided to adopt this name through a divine inspiration. “I decided to use the name Linage because I wanted a name that is in accordance with the emotion in my voice. Once when I was praying I got inspiration from the spiritual world to use it. Linage is just as a mixture of “lire” and “nager” in French. This shows that life is a constant struggle and that’s what I’m doing!”

The young artist likes giving himself completely in what he does and that’s exactly what he did when it came to following his passion. He decided to put aside his academics to fully live his dream. “I didn’t leave school because in life we always study and learn everyday. I took a little break and intend resuming with that.  I also took a break because I had issues with my eyes which could not more permit me to really invest at 100%. I’m someone that likes investing at 100% and after my BAC and my first university year I started singing frequently and hanging around with other artists. I realized that I had to take a decision. I said to myself that this is an opportunity to ameliorate myself and started investing at 100%. Here I am today. I haven’t put and end to school because I intend continuing from where I stopped.”

In a world full of musicians, following such a dream demands a lot of patience and investment. Our young artist is moving on with determination having the sky as his limit. He wants the world to be part of this journey, to share the love, passion he has for music and for a moment see the world through his eyes. “Through my music I want to transmit joy and love. I want people to forget about their worries and travel in a world full of love, peace and joy with me.”


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