Sunday February 11th, 2018 2:18 pm

Image: President Paul Biya

Some weeks prior to the National Youth Day celebration, rumors emerged about the critical health condition of the President of the Republic. Bypassing just the health state of Biya, many went a step further declaring him dead.

Despite an attempt by the press to cast the rumors out, it was instead intensified when again on social media, Paul Biya critics insisted that the creation of the constitutional council was a hook. According to them, the signature on the document creating the said council wasn’t that of the President of the Republic of Cameroon.

Before that creation and aware of the rumors, the President had decided to act, but that time around in a rather smooth and intelligent way. In effect, upon heading back from his native village in Mvomeka, and like usual all the roads used by the presidential convoy were blocked. But fortunately enough, I was among those present at the Poste Centrale, key and strategic position to witness the always enthusiastic passage of the convoy. But all those surrounding me at the moment quickly screamed “that’s the President, can’t you see him? He is in the second PRC vehicle, the President is not dead”. Before this scream of a rather young woman, I had realized that the presidential door glass was intentionally leveled down with the President seated alone at the right edge of the back seat.

He had a rather straight and unemotional facial expression.

Again, the online press reported massively, Paul Biya was alive and that he was doing extremely well.

But again, many denied saying just the Presidential address to the youths on February 10 could change their minds towards accepting Paul Biya is Alive.

On the D-Day, February 10, 2018, Paul Biya at 8PM is on air at the Cameroon Radio Television, State Media.

But again, his address is described by many as not up to date with the reality at that specific moment, with some saying it was an old recording.

Little did they know that every key address of the President be it on December 31st, or February 11th is always recorded hours earlier. This is done in a bid to avoid errors, technical difficulties with retransmission. Also, it permits Peter Essoka, to do the voice over of the speech in the English language.

To castigate and repudiate the rumors completely, Paul Biya will at the end of the recorded speech at the Unity Palace, engage in greeting Charles Ndongo General Manager of the CRTV and Issa Tchiroma Bakary, Minister of Communication.

Who then wants President Biya dead? or better still who really is spreading the rumor? Is it a test?

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