Sunday February 11th, 2018 7:47 pm

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The celebration of the 52nd National youth day of Cameroon in the two English speaking Regions of the country, have not been in a serene atmosphere.

Reports reaching Cameroon News Today-CNT from the Southwest, indicates that, 3 gendarme officers have been killed earlier today 11 February 2018 in Kembong.

“We already have three gendarme officers dead. A series of attacks have been perpetrated against the armed forces of that Region, which we succeeded to repel. The individuals behind today’s act are already in the custody of the forces of law and order” colonel Badjeck spokesperson of the Cameroon military revealed.

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In the regional capitals of the North West and South West regions, footage shared on social media appears to show some students taking in the march past under tight security.

Last Friday, the Minister of Defence, released a notice presenting the state of the threats from the secessionist movement. Following this move, necessary security measures were taken.

The Separatists had started campaigning on social media, against the participation of Cameroon’s English speaking regions in this year’s youth day activities.

Menaces from a group of secessionist seemed to have made some students and other participants to hesitate in taking part in the February 11 event.

It reached the extent that, a message was made public, obliging workers of the Regional hospital in Bamenda, not to be absent from the march past.

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