Monday February 12th, 2018 2:06 pm

Image: Abducted Sub Divisional Officer

Recent updates stipulates that the divisional officer of Batibo, Marcel Namata Diteng is still under captivity and kept in an unknown location in the North West region of Cameroon by secessionist fighters.

In an interview granted the State media, Honorable Joseph Mbah Ndam presently in Batibo revealed that the captured senior divisional is yet to be found as rescue operations intensify in the red zone.

Contrary to a report published by Cameroon News Today-CNT yesterday February 11, officials on the images shared were instead the Senior Divisional Officer of the Momo Division in the North West region, the Mayor of Batibo and some security officials on an inquiry mission aimed at shedding light on circumstances surrounding the abduction of the Batibo divisional officer.

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In a Facebook post, the brain behind the abduction reveals that Marcel Namata Diteng divisional officer of Batibo is still under captivity and threatens to proceed with more abduction of divisional officers, senior divisional officers and members of parliament if they don’t quit from their present positions in government.

Its worth noting that a campaign was launched since February 11 by the said activists to protest information circulating that the Batibo divisional officer was rescued by the Cameroonian army.

Attempts to join on phone the said activist in a bid to grab details about the health and condition of detention of the divisional officer still under captivity were all unsuccessful.

It should be recalled that after presiding over the march past in the Batibo subdivision, the divisional officer got trapped in an ambush set forth by a fraction of fighters of the “Ambazonian Republic”.

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