Monday February 12th, 2018 9:27 am


The US embassy last February 9, announced that due to financial constraints, their official Facebook page will be temporally shut down.

In a Facebook post, the administrator of the page reveals that “due to the lapse in appropriations, our Facebook page will not be updated regularly”.

If Vincent Fumo, US Senator and Economic Expert defines Appropriation as “a Legislation authorizing an agency, department, board, commission, or institution to spend a specified amount of money for a stated purpose or purposes during a particular period of time, usually one fiscal year”, then, it’s certain the US embassy in Yaounde can’t longer afford paying the staff in charge of handling the social media page of the institution.

Also, to confirm this thought, Cameroon News Today-CNT got in touch with a US citizen. While mocking the situation, he declared that “the government or the embassy can’t longer afford to pay somebody to run a Facebook page, that’s what it means”.

Upon trying to learn more about the issue, CNT tried in vain to get in touch with Christopher Muller, political affairs officer of the US embassy in Cameroon.

But already, a majority of Cameroonians addicted to the page deplored the situation as they believe the interactive Facebook page was the simplest and surest way of getting the right information about activities and opportunities offered by the US government to Cameroonians.

However, this is not the first time such a situation goes public, back on January 22, 2018 the administrator of the Facebook page of the United States Department of Justice had announced that the page he manages was to suffer a temporal outage due to what he termed “a lapse in appropriation the page will not longer be active”.

For the moment, Cameroonians will have to get to the embassy, call or just visit their website in view of getting any information about the United States of America.

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