Friday February 9th, 2018 7:38 am

Image: Ibrahim Mbouombo Njoya

Fake rumor of two gendarms assassination in Njakiri thwarted Sultan Ibrahim Bombo Njoya’s visit to the Nso Fondom after high gear preparations by Nso natives to welcome the Sultan.

After so much preparation by the Nso natives to welcome an august guest, Sultan of the Bamoun Kingdom, Ibrahim Bombo Njoya, and disappointment was what they got.

Cameroon News Today-CNT gathered that they came from all corners of the Mbui Division, North West Region of Cameroon, exercising their best dances and demonstration at the Njakiri Palace to prepare a warm welcome to the Sultan Ibrahim Bombo Njoya, King of the Bamum Kingdom who was to pay a visit to his brother Chief of the Nso Kingdom.

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Vision 4 reports that unfortunately for these inhabitants the Sultan did not answer present due to a fake rumor saying two gendarmes have been assassinated in Njakiri.

“… We were all surprised when the Chief of Nso informed us that the Sultan is no longer coming. We do not know what happened but we were informed that somebody disguised and sent information that two gendarmes were killed in Njakiri…This made the brother-brother come together to be difficult. They have deprived the people of Nso this joy”, a native of Nso lamented.

Inhabitants totally left the scene in total disappointment though no information was given about his next arrival. Nonetheless, they say they are always willing to receive him whenever he comes.

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