September 25, 2017 1:58 pm

Image: Arrested Individual At The Ministry Of External Relations

The atmosphere in the capital city of Cameroon this Monday morning is quite tensed and heavy following a series of events and discoveries which unfolded this September 25, 2017.

According to a source from the External Relations Ministry got in touch by Cameroon News Today-CNT, explosives early this morning were seized from a student allegedly belonging to a local school known as College La Retraite, a Francophone school located at the Centre of the Capital City of Yaounde.

Circumstances leading to the arrest of the school boy are still bleak and results of further investigations will surely put more light into the issue.

Still this morning another worrisome scenario was recorded as an individual of about 25 years old, was caught at the Ministry of external relations.

This time around its had to believe it has a connection with terrorism as no explosive was found on the arrested individual visibly of Francophone origin.

‘‘He got his way through the ceiling, he behaves as if he is mad, but from every indication he has a hidden agenda. We fear with the present context that explosives are hidden somewhere in the ministry. Surprisingly enough, from every indication he was trying to get into the ministers office, and from the way things are, he was searching for a file. We are still to know if this is a digression or if it’s something not to worry about” an official revealed to our Journalist present on the ground.

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However,  the Secretary General of the Ministry was on the scene to assess the situation and restore calm and serenity.

The purpose of his presence there and the amount of time spend in the building is still unknown . But already he has been arrested by police men on duty for further questioning.

The security level has definitely been heightened following such reports which hamper the secured level of the capital city.

This event comes a week after terror attacks were recorded in Bamenda and Douala.

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