December 14, 2017 1:58 pm


ANAFOOT regional leaders will for ten days proceed to the selection of 500 youths in view of the first stage of training.

Recently in Yaounde, an unprecedented training session was organized for regional leaders by the top management of the institution.

While sending regional representative on mission, Karl Enow Ngachu, General Manager of ANAFOOT argued that they “shall ensure pre-training of children under 13, by explaining basic football programs, adapted to the Cameroonian context. It is our challenge and yours is in regions. You know the dates, go and conquer, we are expecting you.”

In view of selecting some 50 children from each region across Cameroon, ANAFOOT unit leaders and deputies (20 in total) will organise the said selections from December 18 to 28.

At the end of the pre-training phase, 50 among them (25 girls and 25 boys) will constitute the first national wave of ANAFOOT in Yaoundé.

According to, Enow Ngachu also explained that, “In January, we shall send experts for assessment. They shall produce reports which will enable us to form the first batch of ANAFOOT. Those children shall have a supervisory regime”.

Created in September 2014, ANAFOOT and its appointed staff are fully operational since May 2017.

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