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The current Anglophone crisis that has plagued the north west and south west regions of the country has seen a lot of reactions from internal and external sources so was the case with Mr. Sam Egbe a Cameroonian based in the UK who addressed a letter to the Commonwealth to intervene in the current problem speculating federalism or secession as an ultimate solution in resolving and putting an end to the problem

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In respond the commonwealth dismissed the idea of secession or federalism stating that the UK still recognizes the outcome of the 1961 referendum organized by the UN in the then British mandate territory in west Africa.

They  further explained that the two districts that comprised of southern Cameroon now north west and south west regions willingly voted to be part of  La Republic and so that decision must be respected.

Cameroon News Today-CNT gathered that this response from the Commonwealth bureau has shattered the hopes of most Anglophone Cameroonians who had jubilated that the commonwealth was coming to facilitate the process of independence and the establishment of Ambazonia .

However it should be recalled that the commonwealth laid emphasis that it will ensure that a frank dialogue be fostered between the various leaders and government and rights be respected which must be vice versa.

Cameroon News Today-CNT/ Edmund Momorhie/

9 thoughts on “Anglophone Crisis: Commonwealth Dismisses Federation Or Secession

  1. Federation is not a sin and that has been the reason for rapid development in most African countries.Why should the case of Cameroon be an exception?

  2. The commonwealth is just parasitic on his on point but it still keep us to the point where we have chosen for separation. We can not still keep working with and unprogress country which oneside is developed then the other side in as much the resources are coming from the English speaking side to as much we know fully well the French side is not going to work with us for the change of this country, there’s is y we took to are self adhesive for the English south Cameroonian

  3. They have their views and must be respected. in the end it is the people who wear the shoes who know where it hurts. They cannot contradict their government. it is up to the people of southern cameroons to decide and not commonwealth nor UK nor any other.

  4. We Southern Cameroonians will not accept that kind of decision from U.K or Common wealth. In fact I call that decision “La poudre au yeux” or”powder in the eyes”
    they’re ashamed to intervene openly for the whole world to see it like Neo-colonialism
    But one thing I’m sure when the War will Start to push the mask of France ( La Republique du Cameroun ) to gain their Total independence. many people will die in big numbers. And the U.N and Common wealth will be Blamed for their Negligence Toward Southern Cameroon Crisis( Anglophone Crisis) .

    He who have ear “LET HIM HEAR”

  5. The people of South cameroon has a right to self determination and if any agreement was signed in the sixties, has the right to revoke it through a referendum. What has comomn wealth done to all south cameroonians rape, killed or jailed injustly or ensure the safety of people. True peace will only be achieved by looking sincerely at the root causes of the problems. Africa is moving from modern slavery ad even unborn children are watching

  6. First, this article does not reflect the Englih language that the Commonwealth professes. Secondo, check it out…if it is the Commonwealth that stated that it is neither for Secession nor Federation, yet talking of the arrangement of 1961, then they will tell us what obtained in 1961…Centralized government or Federation! Lastly, Commonwealth is right, for the guys are NOT fighting for “secession”….! How we expose our myopic sentimental prejudices with these emotional outbursts!!! Oh CameroUn!!!

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