September 15, 2017 2:31 pm

Image: Bamenda

Cameroon became a point of focus beginning last November 2016 when teachers and lawyers embarked on a strike action calling on the government to address some major concerns in their sectors that had been neglected for some and others needed amelioration.

The shut down of schools and courts in the English part of the country drew a lot of concern at national and international levels . Government being slow to address the concerns raised called on the various syndicates to go back to work while talks be held by those concern.

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However  the quest for quick actions to be taken for schools to resumed sparked violence which led to the arrest of many who were held in custody for investigation .after several months ,Paul Biya President of Republic ordered for the discontinuance of the court case and release of the leaders and others arrested in connection of the violence perpetrated.

At this point the strugglers and those leading the outlawed consortium declares October one as the day of independence of  the north west and south west regions which many have nicknamed Ambasozonia.

Tensions and hopes are heightened particularly to Facebook lovers who believe it’s the day the north west and south west regions will gain independence .A rather far fetched independence on the physical but much more realistic on Facebook have put many apart.

Cameroon News Today-CNT spoke to some  Facebook lovers who  acknowledge that Facebook is  part of the social media where people are free to do whatever but most of which can hardly be realized on the ground. Days are counting down October one draws near.

Cameroon News Today-CNT/ Edmund Momorhie/

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