September 25, 2017 4:04 pm

Image: Mayor Ekema Patrick

According to the mayor of Buea claims to know all those who are hiding behind the events that shook his locality last weekend. He states that he is currently firing a note on it.

Cameroon News Today – CNT gathered that the demonstrations held on September 22, 2017 in Buea in the Southwest Region, Patrick Ekema’s Mayor’s residence was not spared.

In the columns of reports ,September 25th  2017, the Mayor indicates that after the demonstrators passed into his home, he recorded material losses estimated at a hundred million FCFA. More importantly, Patrick Ekema claims to be able to recognize these. “At the moment I can already give you some elements. But I reserve.

One thing is certain, that I know them very well. People have told me the roles they have played in these acts of vandalism. Luckily I was able to recognize some of those who were in my residence. Because when I went in, I saw some people escaping. I know 17 people physically and their own names, “he says. He adds that for now, he is concentrating on writing a note.

Speaking of the demands of the demonstrators, the Mayor says that they are aimed at the resumption of courses in the English-speaking Regions.  “As I said, people mobilized in Ekona to come to Buea. And there was an accompaniment of the population of Buea. There was the population of Mile 16, Muea, who accompanied that of Ekona. Their problem is the stoppage of classes in schools, “he says. However Patrick Ekema says he will not stand idly by. He intends in the coming days, to make an exit to reassure the parents and the population.

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