July 12, 2017 3:16 pm

Image: Eneo Staff at Work

Two new transformers have just been connected to the Oyom-Abang interconnection substation in Yaounde. Installation work on these equipment was accompanied by intensive maintenance works at the Ngousso substation and on the Mangombé-Oyom-Abang transmission line.

This has led, in particular, to interruptions in electrical service in certain areas of Yaounde and its surroundings.

At the Oyomabang substation, the work which had required the presence of forty technicians working day and night were practically completed and were in the testing phase.

“In order to verify the success of the commissioning of these new equipment,” says Théophile Ebouel Elame, head of transport division of the Center region.

He explains in substance that the said work consisted in the replacement of the failed transformers in favor of two new equipment arrived at the port of Douala a month ago.

It is reported that these transformers provide much more reliability in the supply of energy.

The Oyom-Abang substation and the entire power grid have other advantages: they have the possibility to use spare equipment, which can quickly be used as a backup in case of a breakdown.

It should be noted that the bench of the three new transformers installed (the last one put into service in August 2016) offers a power of 105 MVA.

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