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Lady Author Of CRTV News Jingle Dies [Audio]

The mind behind the famous radio prime time news jingle of the National Station CRTV, is no more.

Crtv: Isidore Modjo Charged For Impeding Public Order

Caught when he was about doing another sit-in at the entrance of the Ministry of Communication (MINCOM), the author of broadcast dressing sounds has been charged to court.

Culture: Kobe Williams, the Ultimate Gift

Kobe Williams has a lot to show through his paintings. The world is a platform of creativity for him and it’s not enough to contain his talent. He is young, dynamic and yet to show the best of him.

“I Dropped School Because of Music “ Adrien Assembe

Adrien Assembe alias Linage is a young musician from the west who is and has always been eager to share his passion with the world. Initially, he did not aspire to be become a musician but destiny caught up with him and he could not help but drown into his God given talent.

Edouard Elvis Bvouma Laureate Of RFI 2017 Theater Award

At the dedication of his book “A la guerre comme à la Game Boy” published by Lansman on September 14, at the Goethe Institute in Yaoundé, the playwright of Cameroon raised his nomination as finalist of the Prix Théâtre RFI 2017 with “La poupée barbue”.

ILC AFRICA: Regional Assembly Discuss Indigenous People In Yaounde

On Day 3 of ILC Africa’s Regional Assembly, a press conference held at hotel Mont Fébe, to enlighten members of the press about the importance of recognising and securing Indigenous Peoples land rights.

Yaounde Conference Center an Amour of a New Look

Yesterday marked an important day in the history of Cameroon’s architecture as the Yaoundé Conference Center embraced another inauguration of the edifice firstly done in the 90s.

Culture:  ‘‘The Cameroonian film industry must grow’’ Victor Penda

In a tete a tete interaction with the press, officials said the budget allocated for the project gives the very essence and importance of the entire idea all in a bid to beef up a growing industry whose talents has an amazing taste of arts. The event is expected to run till the July 22, 2017 in Yaoundé.

Culture: Ronnel Valerie the Prominent Jazz Artist

Ronnel Valerie a young talented musician from the North West region is celebrating this June 15 his birthday

Culture:“Abashed”: Not Husband Enough!

The film reveals the story of an unfortunate girl, called Brenda (Solantin Egbe).   Shoot in Bamenda, the film “Abashed”, […]