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Breaking News: Muyuka Bus Accident With Truck Kills 25

The accident that happened at about 5 am this Saturday August 19, 2017 along Mille 29 in Muyuka South West region of Cameroon killed a little close to 30 people. 

Anglophone Crisis: List of Structures Burnt So Far

One would say that November 8, was rather a black Thursday in Bamenda when the population stormed the Bamenda commercial avenue in a bid to stop the CPDM rally that had been scheduled to take place.

Anglophone Crisis: Activists are Proudly Burning Bamenda

Fire has targeted the University of Bamenda, Government Bilingual Primary School Attuakom, the UBa Medical Laboratory and countless off-Licenses, security […]

Obala: Catholic Priest Suspended for Illegal Marriage

The act suspending Leon Magloire from activities related to his religious works was signed last July 8, 2017 by the Bishop of Obala, Sosthene Leopold Bayemi.

West: Criminals storm Regional Delegation for Tourism and Leisure

In a building mostly at times surrounded by police officers and fenced by an imposing border wall, officials of the delegation are wondering about how these thieves could possibly find their way through.

Kribi: Ten Days without Electricity, Angry Population Strike

The move was turned towards putting effective pressure on the company in charge of electricity supply in Cameroon ENEO to address their concerns much more adequately.

Education: Yaounde 2 Soa Wants To Be Among the Best Universities in the World

The new team is determined to raise the University to a certain global standard. Resolutions arrived at during the Board meeting turned towards realizing such an objective.

Alert: Should We Stop Eating Pigs in the West?

The question is worth to be asked as reports suggest that the African swine is back in the West Region of the Country with many pigs showing symptoms of the virus.

Bakassi Ship Wreck: 23 Bodies are Still to be Retrieved

In a statement, Joseph Beti Assomo declared that “bodies which could be retrieved from the sea will be handed over to families while burial arrangements will be made in collaboration with families… even though all is done to be able to retrieve all the bodies.”

Education: Meet the Old Cameroonians Challenging Public Exams

 Amongst them is Feudjio Fabien aged 65 years old who originates from the Menoua Division of the West region of the country. He had studied some 45 years ago at Saint Laurent de Bafou where he obtained his Probatoire certificate.