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“People say buyam sellams are too stupid, foolish and are abusive” Grace Tumaza

Cameroon buyam sellams want to prove many Cameroonians wrong with the popular perception that, they are insolent and primitive after the leadership seminar which aims at empowering them.

SW Region: One Hundred (100) Youths Have Already Benefited From The Special Youth Trenial Program

Among the one hundred is Ekosse Michael Kamni, who is involved in maize production and has over 100 employees thanks to the Special Youth Trenial Program.

Kribi: Structural Project For The First Cocoa Transforming Factory To Be Delivered in July 2018

Already 150 demands for industrial investment deposited, making the project delivery on the said date plausible.

Cost Of Communal Stamp Drops From 600 To 500 Fcfa

The cost of communal stamps has been reduced from 600 to 500 FCFA by the Minister of Finance.

 SOCAPALM Drags French Print Media Outlets To Court

Cameroonian palm oil producing company Socapalm has accused a bunch of French newspapers of defamation.

South West: Crisis Favours Cocoa Sellers As They Make Huge Benefits

Cocoa producers in the Anglophone regions believe that the Anglophone crisis has favoured their trade with Nigeria.

Road Network: FCFA 1500 Billions Cameroon-Chad Railway Project To Go Operational

FCFA 3billions have already been mobilised by the African Development Bank for feasibility studies for the FCFA 1500 road project.

2018: Government Wants To Reduce State Expenditure

The government of Cameroon is implementing strategies aimed at reducing state expenditure this 2018.

Alert: Fake Vegetable Oil Invades Cameroonian Markets

The government of Cameroon warns about the presence of fake and unhealthy vegetable oil in local markets.

[Exclusive]: Cameroon Might Soon Stop Importing Rice

The government of Cameroon is reviewing strategies aimed at stopping the importation of rice by boosting local production.