Category: Business

South West: Crisis Favours Cocoa Sellers As They Make Huge Benefits

Cocoa producers in the Anglophone regions believe that the Anglophone crisis has favoured their trade with Nigeria.

Road Network: FCFA 1500 Billions Cameroon-Chad Railway Project To Go Operational

FCFA 3billions have already been mobilised by the African Development Bank for feasibility studies for the FCFA 1500 road project.

2018: Government Wants To Reduce State Expenditure

The government of Cameroon is implementing strategies aimed at reducing state expenditure this 2018.

Alert: Fake Vegetable Oil Invades Cameroonian Markets

The government of Cameroon warns about the presence of fake and unhealthy vegetable oil in local markets.

[Exclusive]: Cameroon Might Soon Stop Importing Rice

The government of Cameroon is reviewing strategies aimed at stopping the importation of rice by boosting local production.

Hysacam: New Trucks Expected In March

Brand new trucks of the Hygiene and Sanitation Company Hysacam are expected in Cameroon this coming march 2018.

FERMENCAM Fire Disaster: Government Promises To Help

The Government of Cameroon has promised to give assistance to the FERMENCAM Company victim of a fire incident which ravaged part of its infrastructures last January 1.

SODECOTON: Company Finally Gets Out of Recession

After a period of recess and unprofitability, SODOCOTON is back on the front line.

Cameroonian Cocoa “Smells Smoke and Is Of Poor Quality” Reuters

The Cameroonian Cocoa has been tagged by buyers and manufacturers gathered in Britain as one which smells and is of poor quality.  

Entrepreneurs From All Over Cameroon To Meet In Yaoundé

This year’s edition of the gathering raises special attention to start-ups as well as young entrepreneurs spread all over Cameroon.