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Editorial: President Paul Biya Is Always Right

Once gain, the President of the Republic H. E. President Paul Biya, has demonstrated his mastery of state issues. In his address to the Youths, he availed himself in different portfolios.

Editorial: Who Wants To Kill President Paul Biya?

Some weeks prior to the National Youth Day celebration, rumors emerged about the critical health condition of the President of the Republic. Bypassing just the health state of Biya, many went a step further declaring him dead.

Monjowa Lifaka: The African Pride

The Deputy Speaker of the Cameroon National Assembly took the CPA general assembly Spellbound following a brilliant victory that propelled her to the most prestigious post of the association.

NW&SW: “I Will Fight For Dialogue and Peace” Maybelle Boma

A rather intriguing statement from US based Cameroonian blogger Maybell Boma as she spoke openly to Cameroon News Today-CNT last October 6, 2017 in an interview aimed shedding light on a campaign she launched to raise awareness on the violence occurring in the Anglophone part of Cameroon.

Women & Politics: Should They Be Given Equality On The Electoral List?

Politics is a very challenging career that entails many sacrifices. Most men will not permit their wives to get into it knowing fully that their wives will lose track of home activities. Politicians have no life of their own.

Presbyterian Church: Its Time To Save The Suspended

At this stage it is however evident that the PCC is all about a fiasco not leading its people but rather sending its people away from the church

Social Media: Why Are Activists Faking The Reality?

Some activists championing for no school resumption have been using old images of past events to scare the population of this part of the country not to send their children to school.

Strugglers Release: Should We Say Thank You To Paul Biya?

In view of this decision am tempted to say the President of the Republic is  in line with the numerous procedures taken by government to address the concerns raised by teachers and lawyers in the Anglophone regions of the country.

Elections: Those Worthless Political Parties

The huge amount of money allocated for them especially during elections, is what has led to their multiplicity which unfortunately is serving as a means for their leaders to get rich quickly at the detriment of ordinary Cameroonians.

Anglophone Crisis: “If Paul Biya Can Negotiate With Terrorist, then He can Dialogue with Anglophones” Messanga Nyamnding

According to the IRIC lecturer, dialogue should be used as a means to stop the escalation of violence in the South West and North West regions of Cameroon.