Category: Politics

2018 Elections: Marcel Niat Njifenji Asks For God’s Intervention

Senate President met with church leaders yesterday in Bagangte in an interreligious service aimed at praying for Cameroon to observe a peaceful 2018 electoral year.

India:  Consulate Launches Electronic Visa In Cameroon

The Indian government has officially instigated the Electronic Visa in Cameroon.

CFAF 2 Billion To Renovate The House Of Senate President

CFAF 2 Billion is the overall cost of the renovation of the official house of the Senate President Marcel Niat Njifenji. 

Anglophone Crisis: SDF Party Pledges To Continue The Fight

The SDF party has stated that they will keep up the fight for a federal republic of Cameroon.

Parliament: November Session Closes on A High Note

The third Ordinary Parliamentary Session of the 2017 Legislative year has come to an end at the National Assembly after 30 days of serious work.

One Planet Summit: President Paul BIYA Is In Paris

The plane carrying the President of the Republic and Mrs. Chantal BIYA arrived at the Paris-Le Bourget Airport on 11 December 2017.

Paul Biya Ends Elung Che’s Accumulation of Posts  

President Paul Biya yesterday decided to terminate the two years stay of Paul Elung Che at the helm of the Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilization Fund (CSPH). 

Parliament: 2018 State Budget Adopted Despite SDF Roar

The Finance Law N° 1019/PJL/AN, representing the 2018 State Budget of the Republic of Cameroon has been adopted at the National Assembly.

Crisis: Nigerian Government Pledges Support To Cameroon

The Nigerian government has promised to support the government of Cameroon in handling the Anglophone crisis.

European Union: “Impunity should not prevail” In Anglophone Regions

The European Union has described the recent killings of state security officials in the Anglophone regions as unacceptable.