May 16, 2017 8:00 pm

Image: An edition of the 8:30 pm News on the CRTV

The seasoned journalist was suspended from going on air following a rather surprising move she made during the Monday May 15, evening news cast on the CRTV.

Adele Mballa, presently the Director of Information at the Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV), had announced during that particular edition of the News that France’s newly appointed Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, had rendered public a list of members of government to lead the French nation.

Afterwards, the suspense became total as everyone was questioning how CRTV could get in touch with such information which wasn’t given as a proposed prediction but as a fact.

Unfortunately, the French Prime Minister instead made public a list of members of his new government the following day, Tuesday May 16, 2017.

It then appeared clear to  all that the list proposed by the journalist during that days highly viewed edition of the News was quite inaccurate.

The internet through social media and some private news agencies were quick to react with many raising the incompetency of the “fake” CRTV with “gombo minded journalist”.

On the contrary some other readers who understood the error said it was a professional fault which could happen to any other person.

The entire debate raised by that incident drew attention and reaction from all over the world.

Quick to react too was the country directly concerned. According to reports, France’s embassy in Yaounde petitioned the Ministry of External Relations Of Cameroon to get more explanation as to what happened for Adele Mballa to produce such approximate and inaccurate information on the composition of the French government.

According to a source at the CRTV, the error came from a journalist working with the news production team. The said journalist whose name was undisclosed had gotten the list from social media, had written it down some few minutes to the end of the news cast for Adele to read it out.

Many analyst say, in reaction to what many term as a gigantic mess, the Company judged it necessary for her and a series of other crew members part of the production that day to be suspended.

The seasoned journalist victim of serious setback in an official interview granted a local newspaper denied claims made on social media she has been suspended.

As a result, she was replaced by Evelyne Owona Essomba, another CRTV’s French broadcaster.


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