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The bed rock of Cameroons architecture  salutes the presence of the ECRAN NOIR project in Yaoundé hence the site for the activities gives an enriching taste of Cameroons heritage right from the inception of the country with its great icons and their accomplishments safeguarded jealously by the Cameroonian administration.

However the diverse social cultural economic and political memories are enshrined in a peaceful fatherland.

Thus the brains of the ECRAN NOIR PROJECT seeks to use these precious edifies to celebrate Cameroonian films and premiers:

In an interview granted the press earlier this morning by the officials; they stressed on the fact that they aim at celebrating Cameroonian films, the diversifying culture and work of arts, they called on the media to be an active tool during this process to encourage Cameroonians to support and celebrate their own work of arts particularly the film industry in Cameroon which they all hold in high esteem.

In a tete a tete interaction with the press, officials said the budget allocated for the project gives the very essence and importance of the entire idea all in a bid to beef up a growing industry whose talents has an amazing taste of arts. The event is expected to run till the July 22, 2017 in Yaoundé.

In the same light, other activities engaging as such will come up in Douala, Bafoussam and other parts of the country in the days ahead, officials confirmed

CNT got interest talking to an icon of the Cameroon film industry Mr. Mbille Victor Penda who has future in a couple of Cameroonian films like BAD ANGEL,NIGHT IN THE GRASSFIELD,AUDACITY OF LOVE  and many others says his presence at the museum is to join hands with the organizers And help promote Cameroonian work of arts.

Mr. Mbille Victor Penda


However the influx of people into the museum attest a big event, the mise en place of petit sheds where one can bite and drink giving it the entire comfort one can ever dream of.

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