September 27, 2017 10:22 am


Elvis Bvouma may have seen the blow come.

At the dedication of his book “A la guerre comme à la Game Boy” published by Lansman on September 14, at the Goethe Institute in Yaoundé, the playwright of Cameroon raised his nomination as finalist of the Prix Théâtre RFI 2017 with “La poupée barbue”.

It is precisely the continuation of the play “A la guerre comme à la Game Boy”, presented 10 days ago to the public of Yaoundé and named at the Prix Théâtre RFI 2015.

The 35-year-old Cameroonian playwright, founder of Zouria Theater, received his prize on Monday, September 25th in Limoges, France.

He is ready to embrace the panting adventure that awaits him now.

Being the recipient of this RFI Theater Award for the emulation of young French-speaking authors has a number of opportunities ahead.

The Society of Saxophonists and Composers (SACD) of France offers a financial grant. On the professional level, he will be in the heart of a residence at the Maison des Auteurs in Limoges and at the Théâtre de l’Aquarium in Paris with the collective “A mots découverts”, financed by the French Institute.

Not to mention a working residence at the Centre dramatique de Rouen followed by public readings on November 6 and 7, but also the broadcasting on RFI’s antennas, and a reading of the text at the next festival in Avignon.

“La poupée barbue” will also be published by Lansman, the famous Belgian publisher.

Edouard Elvis Bvouma, author of « Black-Neige et les sept nègres », « Petit à petit l’oiseau perd son nid » among other pieces staged, harvest more and more recognition.

Yesterday in Limoges, Edouard Elvis Bvouma was not alone. Denis Suffo Tagne, co-founder of the biennial Contextheatral, received the prestigious SACD prize for French-language dramaturgy in 2017.

The consecration of the passion of two Cameroon playwrights.

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