August 31, 2017 10:47 am

Image: Ekema Emmanuel Political Editor Cameroon News Today-CNT

In a functional democracy like ours, political parties are the legalized channel through which citizens have to acquire power and push a political agenda with the sole aim of effectuating change.

It is also through this framework that citizens express their demands and aspirations on how the country should be managed.

Opposition political parties, have as prime obligation to call the ruling party to order and at the same time, propose contrary policies from that of the ruling party , on how they will solve the socio – economic problems of Cameroonians, if they are given the chance to govern.

However from my observation, so many of these political parties will show up during elections, take money from the state and thereafter, nothing is heard about them.

The present dispensation in Cameroon, with over 300 political parties, has failed to inspire hope and confidence. So in my humble opinion, public financing of political parties should be suppressed.

The huge amount of money allocated for them especially during elections, is what has led to their multiplicity which unfortunately is serving as a means for their leaders to get rich quickly at the detriment of ordinary Cameroonians.

In other to ensure effective competition and true representation of the people, the government may urgently adopt stringent measures such as proof of territorial representation, at least a seat in the national and a minimum membership of about twenty five thousand militants.

This will drastically reduced the overwhelming number of political parties and consequently divert taxpayers money to other meaningful projects that can stimulate growth and reach out to a wide range of Cameroonians.

Emmanuel Ekema is the Political Editor of Cameroon News Today-CNT

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