October 5, 2017 6:01 pm

Image: Aaron Ngeka New Chief of Mo Bwinga Kingdom

After seven years of vacancy, the town of Mutengene in the South West Region of Cameroon can now boost of a new chief who was recently elected and designated by some twelve kingmakers in the presence of the new Senior Divisional Officer for Fako, Engamba Emmanuel Ledoux.

HRH Chief Ngeka Aaron was recently picked as 2nd class chief of Mutengene Mo Bwinga Kingdom after an in camera conclave of 12 kingmakers who failed to reach a consensus by choosing a successor to the over seven years of vacancy in the chiefdom. They were asked by the newly appointed SDO for Fako to go for an election after experiencing tough times but later came out with the new chief to present to the administrator who had been patiently waiting.

The three candidates who stood out following the criteria given by the kingmakers included Ngeka Luma, Luma Slim Davis and Aaron Ngeka all from the ruling family and out of the 12 votes from the 12 kingmakers, HRH Chief Aaron Ngeka grabbed 6 votes leaving out 6 for the other possible successors who grabbed 3 each.

Talking to this reporter after the designation, the young and vibrant chief said that he was over joyed and felt blessed and thankful to God for making him a chief because a leader is made by God and accepted by the people. “Since seven years of due process, long struggle and fight, the area had been without a chief, finally God Almighty intervene and made me the ruler of this great chiefdom. It all started one month ago when the new SDO for Fako came and did some pre-consultative talks, he instructed the kingmakers on how to go about the exercise and on the 18th of September, he finally came and saw that the process went on well as 12 kingmakers got involved and six out of them were on my side and three for the others. That was how I finally became chief” Chief Ngeka noted.

The visionary developer again hinted Cameroon News Today-CNT  that the area for this while without a leader had been opened to all sorts of criminal and radical group of persons especially those from elsewhere to visit the town. If the town must gain salvation, then all hands must be put on deck so that those concerned can be shamefully send out of the town so peace could once more be restored. To him, there was euphoria and excitement when they announced he was going to be next leader to salvage the people’s conditions and above all to reunite the people after seven years in cold. Here him “…it is like the people were inpatient as I saw them exhibiting some stylish demonstrations just like when Jesus Christ was going to Jerusalem and we could see people in total ecstasy, I’m indeed elated for the love this people have on me and that’s just to tell you the kind of people I will be working with”.

Given that he was one of those who were ferried to Kondengui due to the ongoing anglophone brouhaha, the charismatic chief Ngeka said “Today I laugh my detractors, those who set me up and I went to Yaoundé where I made one week and was send back thanks to God almighty who fought my battle and now I’m at the helm and nothing will stop me from putting an end to the radical activities that has been taking place here in Mutengene town”

While passing across his message to the community, Cameroon News Today-CNT gathered that chief Ngeka thanked his people for the confidence bestowed on him, while thanking God, he insisted the denizens accompany him achieved the desired goals.

In attendance during the designation also was the CPDM MP for Fako East Consistency, DO for Tiko Sub division, Mayor of Tiko council, traditional rulers from Tiko and Buea, members of traditional council of Mutengene, military personnel and entire population of Mutengene.

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