October 9, 2017 12:59 am

Image: Speak Up Campaign

“I knew Oct 1 will be severely disastrous, that’s obviously what happens when you deal with a brutal government. My brothers and sisters of the South West and North West region of Cameroon should understand that the fight is not against the Francophones or the Anglophones but against the regime “

A rather intriguing statement from US based Cameroonian blogger Maybell Boma as she spoke openly to Cameroon News Today-CNT last October 6, 2017 in an interview aimed shedding light on a campaign she launched to raise awareness on the violence occurring in the Anglophone part of Cameroon.

The part time model and gospel singer is at the fore front of a campaign on social media geared at showing concern and attention to victims of the Oct 1, 2017 brutal police repression in the South West and North West regions of Cameroon.

Activist with secessionist tendencies had taken to the streets to proclaim  the independence of Southern Cameroon “ Ambazonia”, a move performed despite calls made by government for citizens to stay indoors on that day.

Independence proclamation was halted by forces of law and order and the repression from the army which followed was massive.

RHEDAC a non governmental organization based in Cameroon reveals that close to 100 people have been killed, thousands of others detained,  and scores of others gone missing.

“ Its following this turn in event that I decided to launch what I term The Speak Up Campaign”

The movement which seeks to call on people of all works of life whether abroad or home, influential citizens to speak, come out from the darkness, show their disapproval of what’s going on has been agreeably approved by her Facebook followers.

According to the activist, those who abide to the speak up campaign use proprietarily the social media, that explains why the movement is gaining steam, consideration and effect  “ speaking up, talking about the violence, condemning killings, that’s way out to this crisis”.

She is however fast to debunk claims spreading on social media that she belongs to groups build up by some Anglophone strugglers with diverse ideas and initiatives.

The blogger assures Cameroon News Today-CNT she is  neither for secession nor federalism  “ all I want is for my people to live in peace, what ever it takes to obtain that I’ll fight for it, through peace and dialogue.”

Since the Anglophone crisis irrupted last November 2016, the young mother has been actively writing stories on the topic while sharing her thoughts and views on news events and happenings.  Her close to 60,000 Facebook followers is prove she has across the years gained respect, admiration and credibility.

Prevailing in all her activities is her humanitarian nature, she has being assisting families and strugglers facing hardship due to the socio-political upheavals and tensions “ I use my personal funds to help families, I’ve never created a Gofundme campaign, I don’t do this for money, I’ve never received a dollar from anyone in support of my actions”.

For the blogger her fight for truth, justice and peace will always prevail, as it is a prerequisite for the development and emancipation of a country like Cameroon.

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