October 8, 2017 3:53 pm

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According to the political editor of Cameroon News Today-CNT, the Muna family is not appreciated by the english speaking community, the 2018 contestant is taking the anglophone crisis as a pretext to run for President.

Elections are one of the most highly animated periods in the life of any given nation. It is a  moment marked with a lot of uncertainty and expectations. During this period, citizens have the moral and civic responsibility to vote those they want to govern them into office if not, no meaningful change will ever occur within the country.

It is very necessary for Cameroonians to know that if we fail to vote or choose the wrong people to lead  us, this singular mistake can only be corrected during another election so it is very imperative that voters take their time and vote for the right people.

Elections  also offer citizens a unique opportunity, for them to determine the political, economic and social destiny of their country. So it is very paramount that electors take stock of certain realities such as the attitude of those running for office, their educational know-how  and more importantly, their track records in any domain of public life they must have occupied.

The above mentioned parameters, can determine to an extent,  who can make a good leader and who cannot. That said, it is no longer a secret that Barrister Akere Muna, has declared his intentions to run for the presidential election slated in 2018 in our country.

It is not a bad thing for him to have such an ambition. He is very qualified in diverse point of views such as his educational prowess and by virtue that he is a Cameroonian not living out the fact that he has a lot of international recognition but what is of interest to this analyst, is the fact that it seems to be a hideous task for him to be voted at the helm of our country.

My reasons are very simple. First of all, the political landscape of Cameroon has been engulfed by the ruling party the CPDM for so many years now. A good number of Cameroonians, are still very adherent to the ideals of president Paul Biya and his party.

In such a circumstance, it is practically very difficult to breakthrough the present dispensation. Secondly, as I earlier mentioned above that during elections, voters do what we call an evaluation of  candidates running for office,  before they make up their minds as to who to vote. Going by this assertion, it is without any secret that the name Muna, does not resonate very well with English speaking Cameroonians in particular, and Francophones by extension,  for obvious reasons we all know so this can be a huge impediment to Barrister Akere Muna.

Thirdly, Anglophones have proven beyond all reasonable  doubts that they are  a people, full of objectivity and a sense of purpose. A people,  who are very difficult to manipulate. This does not go very well with our former colonial master who still has a huge  economic interest in Cameroon. The current crisis in our country, has buttressed the assertion I just made mentioned above, about the strong will nature of Anglophones.

I will like to end by saying the current Anglophone crisis in the northwest and southwest regions , is well founded because the problems that led to the crisis are a reality just as the president of the republic admitted but it will be very improper for anybody, to try and use this situation, to make a political gain because that will be a total disrespect of the people of the southwest and northwest regions especially those who have lost their lives since the advent of this crisis.

A credible presidential candidate, should convince us with an inclusive manifesto and nothing more than that. After doing so, let the best win.

Ekema Emmanuel is the Political Editor of Cameroon News Today-CNT. To get in touch with him email at 

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