October 7, 2017 10:16 pm


Customer service from the mobile telecommunications company Orange Cameroon sent a message this Saturday, Oct 10, 2017 to its users apologising for the poor nature of the network.

The message sent originally in French reads  ” Dear clients, due to a technical issue with the optic fiber our communications services are disturbed, our technicians are mobilised on the ground, thanks for your patience”

This reaction from the operator Orange Cameroon comes days after many of its clients took on social media to complain about their inability to pass calls. This inability is rendered much more arching as users also complain of a series of challenges to get on-line as internet services are also affected.

Cameroon News Today-CNT tried in vain to get in touch with an official from Orange Cameroon so as to get much more information explaining the close to two day long technical failure.

Surprisingly enough, a document circulating on social media appears to give an elaborate and true explanation to the said failure.

According to the document, Orange Cameroon is owing a little close to 2 billion francs to the national telecommunications company Camtel, an action which caused top management of the public telecommunications provider in the country to take action if the money is not provided.

” you have up till Thursday Oct 5, 2017 to comply, if not Camtel will take necessary measures”.

Going by the document, Orange Cameroon users confirm that since Thursday this week, its has been quite difficult for them to use the operators services.

Is the document original? is it coming from Camtel? Is it a communications strategy aimed at explaining internet’s crackdown?

What is sure is that Orange Cameroon is the only mobile provider facing such hitches.

Calls are almost impossible, orange money services affected, sms services disturbed. its still difficult to know if the same situation prevails in the entire country.

Surely, things seems to have come back to normal. In a message posted on twitter this Oct 7, 2017 at 10:58 pm, followers are informed that ” after recent disturbances, services have been restored, thank you for your patience and loyalty”.

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