November 24, 2017 6:07 pm

Image: Exchange With The Press

In press conference summoned last November 23, 2017, Moahmed Khitouni, Libyan Ambassador to Cameroon refutes slavery charges against his country.

According to le Jour Newspaper, the Libyan diplomat indicates that, so far nothing proves there is slavery in his country. He accuses some countries and the international community of plotting against his country.

“In the report broadcasted by CNN, nothing indicates that facts are happening in Libya. Libya respects citizen’s rights. A commission of inquiry has been appointed at the level of the Government, and an emergency unit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to investigate on these cases, and bring to justice all parties involved. The video footage broadcasted by CNN is far from reflecting Libya’s official position. All Libyans stand against slavery, which is inconsistent with our human values and our culture”,

Moahmed Khitouni certifies that Libya has always been a welcoming country for Africans. He also stated: “We made joint projects; we have constituted mixed committees with Africans, besides Libya has always been an integral part of Africa. Africa is our future, it is our destiny”, He adds.

As for the “about 600” Cameroonians still stocked in Libya, the Libyan assures that they will be back shortly.

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