November 24, 2017 2:08 pm

Image: National Assembly Of Cameroon

Activities at the National Assembly this Friday November 23 are on a standstill.

The information is rendered by Ekema Emmanuel  Public Relations Officer at the Lower House of Parliament to accredited journalists seeking to inform them about the reason behind the halt in activities at the lower house of parliament  “It is a quiet day at the National Assembly, not only because of the SDF action that took place in the parliament building yesterday,  but because of the fact that a good number of MPs, across the political spectrum, are currently on their way to Buea, for the funeral Program of Hon. Arthur Ekeke Lisinge who will be buried this weekend in his native Bonalyonga village, Buea”

The Social Democratic Front staged a major and unprecedented protest operation last Thursday November 23, 2017 at the National Assembly pushing the Right Honarable Cavaye Yegue Djibril President of the Lower House of Parliament to adopt the 2016 settlement under a tensed atmosphere.

Video Footage going viral on social media appears to show Members of Parliament from the Social Democratic Front mounting the rostrum of the chamber house chanting “how many people paul biya go kill ooooooh? How many people Paul Biya Go Kill, Le Pays va mal oooh, Le Pay va mal”.

The move was clearly aimed at disrupting the plenary sessions which had been going on smoothly despite the fire incident that ravaged part of the administrative building found at the premises of the National Assembly.

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