December 9, 2017 12:17 pm


The Finance Law N° 1019/PJL/AN, representing the 2018 State Budget of the Republic of Cameroon has been adopted at the National Assembly.

The budget which stands at FCFA 4513.5 billion was voted into law during a Plenary Sitting on Friday December 8 at the House Chamber of the National Assembly by the House Speaker, Right Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril in the presence of government Ministers.

As a tradition in the house, the budgetary deliberation was opened with an overall presentation of the report on the Finance Law by the general rapporteur of the Finance and Budget, Hon. Koa Luc.

At the end of the long presentation, the House Speaker set the pace for an open discussion on the Law as stipulated in the session’s agenda. This was the time for MPs to question Cabinet Ministers on their respective Ministerial budgets.

Taking to the rostrum was the head of the SDF Parliamentary group, Hon. Banadzem. He revisited his initial call for an open debate on the Anglophone crisis, a call which once more fell into deaf ears.

After minutes of talking, the whole SDF parliamentary contingent took to the rostrum for their routine singing as the finance law was declared adopted by the house speaker.

This adoption has certainly drawn the curtain on the 2017 legislative year, as the MPs look forward to the closing ceremony scheduled for Wednesday December 13.

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