July 31, 2017 1:51 pm
Image: Constitution of the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon

Shortly after assuming office in 2015, the leadership of the church embarked on a cruise for a total transformation and overhauling of the house with the tag of transformation.

Every dark spot in the house was expected to be exposed by the transformers. With the formation of new and restructuring of older committees, hopes were high that change had come.

One such committees was charged with investigating embezzlement cases within God’s treasury but things turn out paradoxically sour because politicking stepped into some of these committees.

At some instances, the audit exercise of the church became a forum for settling political scores and an excuse to flush some “enemies dans la maison” so as to bring in their cohorts.

Among those put under scrutiny on high instructions were Finance clerks, Ordained Pastors among others with some being called from retirement after up to nine years on trump up charges of embezzlement.

One of the members of the team intimidated this reporter recently that one of the pastors falsely framed up on embezzlement and brought up before an appointed committee headed by one unpopular barrister (name withdrawn), after being insulted by the barrister in the synod office prayer room where the victims were being judged, threatened with jail terms and condemned had a message for the committee. “If I be a Man of God charged falsely, I forgive your innocence, but as a sign of my innocence, this church shall stand similar trials before unbelievers even before this mandate ends…. and so shall it be.”

Pandemonium gripped the panel as they immediately dismissed the victims on that fateful Saturday in the first half of 2014.

Shall we take the ongoing lawsuit on the church as a (partial) fulfilment of the words of the molested pontiff or shall we see it as a mere coincidence?

However, it is alleged that the said Man of God made more other pronouncements on that occasion.

For one thing scripture points out clear “touch not my Anointed and do my prophets no harm» yes, just when the prophets are true because only the truth sets free.

It is worth noting that, the said Pontiff among others were thrown out of the system for those trumped up charges.

Were these victims really guilty of embezzling some seven, others twelve million francs CFA with nothing to show for?

Today we hear of other millions being fingered out of some congregational accounts illegally with little or no fuse. Where is the committee in charge? In any case, we are told it is God’s church and He is watching.

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