November 22, 2017 4:12 pm

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The African confederation of rugby together with its world governing body have decided to suspend the Cameroonian Federation of Rugby. 

The principal reason attributed to the sanction is that the Cameroonian Federation never complied to a series of instructions given by the African body aimed at resolving the power struggle affecting the federation for more than a year now.

The information is contained in a letter dated November 20, 2017 addressed to the Cameroonian Federation of Rugby whereby Abdelaziz Bougja President of the African Rugby Association decries that ” the federation failed to put in place instructions as determined in the letter dated Mai 17, 2017 which asked the federation to organise a general assembly within the limit of three months. We have unfortunately noticed that you have not complied with the above directives”

Cameroon News Today-CNT was however told that the President of the African Rugby Association is surely aware that its the third time Cameroon is victim of such  a suspension. An awareness which has therefor pushed Abdelaziz Bougja to propose his assistance to officials of the federation for the suspension to be called off.

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