September 4, 2017 2:15 pm


The resumption of schools in Anglophone Cameroon as the hours goes is causing a lot of controversies on the social media a case in point Facebook.

Some activists championing for no school resumption have been using old images of past events to scare the population of this part of the country not to send their children to school.

However these strategies have been or are being applied to some key areas while the real events and happenings on the ground are not being covered by this Facebook users.

However the doubts of a no possible school resumption was cleared off this morning as students of the government lay private schools received their students these morning ,while those of the church had been receiving their students in the weekend before now.

Though the turnout is not that massive in all areas, most parents say their children will join the others in the days ahead. To some still the fear of allowing the children go to school is still making them cast a lot of doubts.

A point of note should be taken to book the security forces are living no stone unturned to insure that the safety of persons is guaranteed at the same time hoodlums will not be given the chance for any unrest at this very strategic moment in this part of the country.

One thought on “Social Media: Why Are Activists Faking The Reality?

  1. Lies.I am in Mamfe there was no school here today n i also my brothers n friends in Buea, Kumba, Limbe n even Tiko n they all confiimed dat the was no even a single child on the street.Where then in d South West d Southern Cameroon are u deceiving pple dat there was school?Let me tell u somethx.Becos of d poor system of LRC govt we d southern cameroonians willingly boycotted everythx to emback on ghost town.stop posting nonsense to is not free n there no govt paying our school govt is feeding us.its our problem.

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