October 10, 2017 10:30 pm
Image: Issa Tchiroma Bakary, Minister of Communication [Credit Photo Boris Landry Kouekam]

Cameroon’s Minister of communication and government spokesperson, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, has refuted all allegations filed in against government and its security forces for using life bullets on proteaters during the October 1 massacre staged in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon where not more than ten persons died.

While reiterating a high level of satisfaction by the government for the unequivocal condemnation of acts of terrorism, vandalism, intimidations, harassment and blackmail promoted by secessionists of the entire political class into the society, international community, national media which has proposed itself as watchdog and guard of the intandebility of the border, Tchiroma on Monday October 10 during a press conference in Yaounde echoed that the event suffered by fellow compatriots in certain communities in the North West and South West regions in October 1 are the result of violence extremist, some of whom had already predicted and planned a bloodshed and was termed “an anglophone genocide”.

He added the strategy put in place by what he called dangerous and trouble makers consisted of letters to the secretary general of the United Nations by the Ambazonian ‘president’ Julius Sisekou Ayuk Tabe , Wilfred Tassang and Akere Mina to prepare minds to the occurrence of ‘a genocide planned’ by the Cameroonian government against compatriots of English speaking regions.

Cameroon News Today-CNT learned from the government spokesperson that on the occasion last October 1, arms attacks were to be launched against the security forces, public services burning public and private properties.

At the same time groups of arm fanatics, drug addicts who had been armed to promote vigorous reactions of security forces to cause bloodshed and promote an imaginary international intervention. Adding, the diabolic plans of these frustrated gangs of power hungry individuals were discovered by the security forces which provoked a harsh consequences. He said that on the field the forces simply exhibited high sense of patriotism and responsibility to only act on legitimate self defense.

“People complain about government forces, it would have been more devastating that October 1 in the two regions if the forces were absent in the dead tole, securing people’s properties and protecting the territorial integrity of Cameroon. Some of them were being encouraged by those in the diaspora, if they loved you why couldn’t they come join you on the struggle? Please I have said it and I’m saying it again, Cameroon is one united and indivisible country”

He went on to say, the contradiction intended to create tension and antagonism between Francophones and Anglophones, two communities which by the grace of God lived together in harmony.

To him, all citizens of Cameroon are entitled to respecting the laws and authority of the state. Its inconceivable to start differentiating oneself to say ‘I’m anglophone or francophone, Muslim or Christian, from North or South, from East to West, where ever they are, they are all Cameroonians’.

Tchiroma’s recent statement’s to many is another way of fanning more flames in an issue which is already dying down gradually.

Since the massacre began, Tchiroma said that death Toll is far from whymstical and false reports advanced with fantasy and irresponsibility by some organization who do not hesitate to report the massacre of civilian population in the regions concerned.

Government strongly refutes and condemn such unfounded allegations which in reality is a concrete translation of the desire of the secessionist and their plans to carryout their evil intension to disturbilizing Cameroon.

While disclosing the heart felt condolences of President Paul Biya who is still abroad to the affected families, Minister Tchiroma regretted the innocent victims were sacrificed on the ulter of the diabolic aims of a handful of what he insist ‘power hungry extremist’ driven by violence and terror.

Manipulated, drug and placed under unscrupulous propaganda, these compatriots who have lost their lives by the stupidity of others deserve the compassion and solidarity of the entire nation.

Tchiroma however, picked on the recent statements made by the Bishop of the Bamenda ecclesiastical province aiming to endorse the dangerous act and wild imaginations of the secessionist.

“It’s surprising and inconceivable that the moral authority who are supposed to be above the quirry find themselves in the arena championing those who deliberately choose to preach the constitution and role of the republic to encite people to question their citizenship.

He however, noted that all those who took up arms against the republic and their accomplices will be haunted down and brought to justice for their actions.

He went further to warn those who will be found with any evidence of disseminating and relaying allegation of the massacre of civilian population against devastating effects.

Government urges the entire nation to continue lending their support to the people of the North West and South West regions who are the first victims of terrorist act, violence and intimidation perpetrated by a minority of irritative extremist.

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