July 26, 2017 3:26 pm

Image: African Homes Made of Mud

New measures are being taken with regard to the choice of materials to be used for the construction of social houses in Cameroon.  This will provide a solution to the shortage of housing and the low purchasing power of Cameroonians.

According to Le Quotidien de l’Economie of July 24, 2017 this information is taken from an interview given to the public press this early July by the Minister of Urban Development and Habitat, Jean Claude Mbwentchou.

The State wants to introduce local materials into the construction of social housing which will include the review of the architectural and technical characteristics of buildings to adapt them to the standards of social housing.

Minister Jean Claude Mbwentchou of Social Housing


On the other hand, it will be the effective application of the tax relief measures mentioned in the 2013 Private Investment Act and the 2016 Finance Act.

“We can already announce that the cost of housing produced with Chinese cooperation and under the PLANUT housing component will be very affordable and significantly lower than those on the 1675 units of Olembé and Banga Bakoko. An operation to build social housing with the use of mud bricks is programmed for the days to come with the mission of promoting local materials (Mipromalo) and it will allow a comparative analysis of costs with Classical materials, “he said.

Contemporary House Made of Mud


The newspaper reports that this type of housing does not attract Cameroonians despite the numerous advantages it possesses.

According to specialists of these materials, sensitization is necessary, because “besides, its advantageous cost, the terracotta brick is resistant to water and perfectly regulates the temperature of the building”. Nevertheless in Douala some people are skeptical of living in houses built of clay bricks.

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