July 21, 2017 10:10 am


Yesterday marked an important day in the history of Cameroon’s architecture as the Yaoundé Conference Center embraced another inauguration of the edifice firstly done in the 90s.

Hence a century after the Government saw an essential need to give it a new look among others.

The personal representative of the Head of State Prime Minister Philemon Yang a man of time cruised into the conference center at exactly 3pm, thereby giving the ceremony a befitting start.

The refrain of the national anthem in both French and English languages echoed all the ends of the hall with all doing so with patriotism for country Cameroon.

Culture came in to salut the excellent bilateral cooperation between Cameroon and the Peoples Republic of China who did much to realize the edifice that has an unflinching beauty with no rival in sub Saharan Africa.

Then Minister Narcisse Kombi Muelle of Arts and Culture described the structure as an architect of rare quality and enjoined those in charge to manage it jealously for it to last.

Lateron came the moment for the Head of Government who addressed the impatient crowed in a diplomatic style hence calling the center officially opened.

To spice the occasion medals were awarded to some persons of the center and all enjoined to embrace hard work for better accomplishments in the days ahead.

With this structure one will say Cameroon stands the chance to host bigger events both national and international.

Its worth nothing that the entire renovation works were sponsored by the Chinesse Government to the tune of 10 billion frs CFA.

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