August 18, 2017 6:03 pm
Image: Youths Engaged In Informal Trades Douala

Such an assessment set forth by our Political Editor is based on the mass rate of youth unemployment in Cameroon.  In the article, he gives a clear analysis of the situation at hand while giving recommendations as solution to the employment crisis in our country.


Cameroon’s unemployment situation has skyrocketed over the recent year’s. A critical look at this phenomenon has revealed that so many factors are contributing to the latest escalation.

First of all, the government has laid more emphasis on general education than technical know how, the latter is producing more and more dependent literates or professional illiterates than self reliance that technical education would have offered to the country.

The current curriculum on general education does not equip the youths with skills even when they leave universities consequently they are unemployed due to lack of skills.

A total overhaul of the content being given out to general education students to be skills oriented and a government policy to create and equip technical schools across the country, will boost the country’s employment rate in less than no time.

All societies of the world are on the path of modernity but there are some of this changes that are more of a problem than a blessing.

For example the school going age has been reduced to three year’s and sometimes two. The direct effect of this is that children are becoming certificate holders in very tender ages which sometimes they do not yet look physically mature to carry on some certain jobs. Some employers are not very comfortable to recruit such people.

Children should be allowed to start the journey of education at the right ages because this has a direct effect on the job market in the future.

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In Cameroon, administrative sentiments and favour, is putting the country in a difficult situation. People do not longer go on retirement base on what is stipulated on their contracts of engagement. Some people who are due to go on retirement pay their way for more years to be added through a corrupt boss or a family member in a high duty post.

But people forget to know that the first way to guarantee employment for the youths is when those of the working class go on retirement when they are due without any delays.

On the part of the government, it has to stop frustrating its public servants in the sense that some people are given high positions of service with huge financial impacts only when they are due to go on retirement.

Consequently, such individuals will do everything possible to stay on their duty post at the detriment of young people who are ready for the job market.

It is not a bad idea to copy a good example. In most advanced countries in the world, the private sector employs more than half of the working population.

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I think it is high time Cameroon encourages private investment through the reduction of taxes and other administrative bottlenecks so as to provide a favourable ground to attract foreign companies that will in return provide empowerment to our youths.

Just to add that If the economy is liberalized, more employment opportunities will be created in less than no time for the good of all.

Written by Ekema Emmanuel, Political Editor, Cameroon News Today-CNT

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